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Franklin Speaking Spanish English Dictionary

Hear Spanish words so you get the correct pronunciation.

Search and find from a huge database of 5 million words.

Ideal for language students, tourists and business trips.

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Spanish English Electronic Translator

Spanish English Electronic Dictionary

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Franklin British English Speaking Spelling Bee SSB-215r

Children’s Speaking Spelling Bee

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Electronic Bible

Franklin Electronic Bible

The ultimate electronic resource for bible studies.

With a choice of King James or New International Version.

Read at your own pace plus, a daily verse for instant inspiration.

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Electronic Translator

Electronic Translators

Ease your journey with the right words, fast.

Local language is always helpful when you are abroad, now you can find just the word you need, when you need it.

There’s no better or faster resource than a Franklin Electronic Translator

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Seiko Electronic Crossword Solver

Electronic Crossword Solver

Complete your puzzles and improve your solving skills.

Solving those last clues enables you to learn from them, so next time you’ll be prepared.

Enhance your enjoyment of crossword puzzle solving.

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